Today’s emergency departments are fast paced environments in which ED physicians take multi-tasking to the extreme, and they often find themselves performing data entry and clerical duties. As the emergency room physician takes more and more time to document in the electronic medical record (EMR) he or she spends less time caring for patients. In fact, ED physicians now spend 45 minutes of every hour documenting or performing clerical duties. This results in decreased productivity, decreased patient satisfaction, decreased relative value units (RVUs), decreased turn around times (TAT) and poor patient care.

Scribe Solutions offers emergency department medical scribes to allow the ER physician to spend less time on clerical duties and more time caring for patients. Our clinical information managers (scribes) provide specific emergency department services to aid doctors in documentation and minimize their clerical duties.

Our scribe training program is a rigorous online and live didactic series designed to develop quality scribes. Our medical scribes have an excellent knowledge base and can adapt to any documentation system. Our goal is to provide efficiency and accuracy while preserving patient confidentiality.

Our scribes also perform other emergency department services such as tracking labs, transcribing radiology reports, attending to patient needs, and helping physicians organize data.

Scribe Solutions understands the demands physicians face and offers a low cost, innovative approach to significantly improve the process of patient care. Based out of Northeast Florida, Scribe Solutions services multiple states and offers emergency department services for medical scribes throughout the nation.