Scribe Training program

Scribe Solutions has developed a comprehensive multi-step training program which graduates motivated and educated scribes who are ready to perform to your expectations.

Step 1:

The first step is grounded in recruiting. We start with a highly motivated, energetic, and intelligent group of recruits. We seek the best from local universities and recent graduates. By starting with this group of recruits who have a passion for medicine and hard work, we ensure that they will engage each part of the training program and execute everything asked of them.

Step 2:

Each recruit completes our online training program which covers everything from medical terminology to ICD coding. The recruit is tested on each section of the comprehensive online program and must pass with a 100% score.

Step 3:

Classroom training where specifics of the documentation program utilized in your clinical setting are introduced and mastered.

Step 4:

Prior to working solo, each scribe shadows an experienced scribe for at least 80 hours. This allows the new recruit to view first hand how to perform the duties of a scribe and learn the specific idiosyncrasies of your clinical setting.

Step 5:

The training process continues with recurrent assessment of scribe skills including documentation proficiency, patient interaction, productivity, and effectiveness.