About Us

Scribe Solutions was formed in 2008 to meet the demands and challenges that physicians face with overcrowded waiting rooms and the rising cost of providing quality patient care in a timely and efficient manner. By providing physicians with personal assistants to alleviate the timely burden of documentation and clerical duties, Scribe Solutions has successfully developed a low cost staffing solution to increase productivity and efficiency.

We understand that all physicians are not the same and each operates differently. At Scribe Solutions, we listen to our clients and develop a custom tailored program best suited for the individual needs of the physician. Our services initially began in the emergency department but we have since expanded our services to include customized assistance for any hospital or clinic based setting. Our meticulous attention to detail and superior client services sets us apart from our competitors. From recruiting to staffing to managing, rest assured that we'll implement and maintain a seamless and effortless scribe program that not only improves your bottom line, but promotes physician and patient satisfaction.

Our scribes are trained on leading EMR technology and they work with Allscripts, Athena, Cerner, Epic, McKesson, PDOC and more. 

Mary Claire Menze


Mary Claire Menze is the founder and President of Scribe Solutions. She attended the University of Nebraska, holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, and has over a decade of experience in the medical documentation industry. After seeing the amount of non-clinical work a physician must perform and the inherent inefficiencies associated with it, she developed Scribe Solutions to use clinical information managers (Scribes) as a low cost solution. This solution not only improves the physician’s bottom line, it also dramatically improves physician satisfaction and quality of care.