“Since starting the use of scribes in our emergency department the physicians are more satisfied with their work shifts by being able to focus more on the patient encounter and less on paperwork and documentation time on the computer. I am convinced that our utilization of scribes was one of the best investments we have made.”

 Leo Alonso, D.O.

Chairman of the Emergency Department

Orange Park Medical Center


“Scribe Solutions has been an integral component of my overall strategy for operational improvement in my emergency department. I have utilized scribes to unburden my physicians of the tasks that do not have to be performed by them. This has allowed my docs to function more efficiently and to focus on the value-added work that needs to be performed by a health-care provider. The result has been compressed length of stays, diminished door-doc times, and less patient walk-outs. Additionally, scribes are fundamental to my strategy to improve patient satisfaction. Scribes can serve as a liason between the patient and the provider which proves to be a real satisfier.”

Fred Jenkins, M.D.

Emergency Department Chairman

Memorial Hospital