Are You Ready for ICD-10?

Posted by Allison on Fri, Feb 13, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

Is your practice or organization ready for ICD-10? 

It is clear that ICD-10 needs to be taken seriously. Experts are weighing in, and they are noting that ICD-10 should not be underestimated. For example, Health IT policy director for the Medical Group Management Association, Robert Tennant, wrote on that, "Any organization that looks at the past delays for the coding system and doesn't take the upcoming compliance date seriously is putting their revenue at risk." 

So, since it is vital that your organization take ICD-10 seriously, what can you do to ensure readiness? 

Here are some ways to prepare for the implementation of ICD-10:

  • Have an impact chart - conduct an impact assessment and obtain information discovered by this; assessment will show the area impacted and what changes to organization processes will need to happen, and will bring to light impact on coding and billing and vendor management 
  • Complete Documentation - Make certain that patient documentation is accurate and up-to-date; ensure accurate codes, and most accurate information has been included in patient records. This will facilitate changes tied to ICD-10 and will help make certain no payments are delayed or denied
  • Test - Testing and practice can ensure preparedness; providers can practice billing and coding in old systems but can make sure the information is right to assign the most specific ICD-10 codes

Practices need to maintain systems and continue to improve on implementing technological changes. EMR use can be beneficial, but if not used properly or in the most efficient manners, EMR can be a hassle to organizations. It is important to be prepared and to stay updated on CMS news and continue proper billing and coding and patient record documentation. EMRs benefit practices and organizations by maintaining an electronic paper trail of patient visits and medical conditions and history. Using EMRs can be overwhelming and now with ICD-10 it is clear that physicians and their staff are swamped with work. Hiring a medical scribe could be helpful to your organization. If interested in hiring a medical scribe to help with the proper documentation of patient records please feel free to submit an inquiry on 


Information gathered from FierceHealthIT feature on ICD-10 readiness

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