EHR and EMR Management - getting data and making sense of it all

Posted by Allison on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 03:20 PM


A new DOTmed article on EHR and EMR management has some good points on the use of EHR and EMR and the new rules and regulations. This article found some important information about use of EHR and EMR. 

  • Last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services announced that 257,000 doctors, or about one third, had failed to achieve meaningful use of electronic health records, and would see Medicare payments cut by 1 percent in 2015. 
  • CMS announced earlier this year that it intends to modify requirements for meaningful use in 2015.
  • Hospitals and physician practices are still being required to move down the path to recording and exhanging information in a meaningful way.
  • Health IT companies are responding with new products that promise easier image sharing and workflows, time saving, and interoperability.

While the new IT is great for the advancement of healthcare, doctors are facing new burdens. The documentation burden is present more than ever before, and these doctors need assistance if they are going to provide quality care to patients. Medical scribes are growing in popularity, because they can help with the growing burden these doctors face when it comes to documentation. 

Here are some recent facts on the growth of medical scribes and EMR: 

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